Unique Playing Cards and Card Games – Find your New Game and Deck

Card games are very popular and people love spending time playing them. Some people enjoy playing card games online in casinos such as the William Hill casino (you can read the review of the William Hill casino here) and others prefer to do it while holding the actual cards in their hands. Whether you’re practicing by yourself or have invited a bunch of friends over for a poker night, card games make for an easy way of having fun and socializing.

There are unique decks and card games which you can play, all of which can help you change the pace of an evening. A new card game means more things to learn. It can be enticing because you will have to advance faster to beat your friends. A new deck can also spice things up as a beautiful design can really reshape a classic game like poker. Here are some games and unique decks to consider.

Unique Decks

Unique decks are decks which have standard cards but not the standard design. The symbols will still be recognizable yet you will not have the same design as on regular cards.


This deck came to be through a Kickstarter campaign. It is exactly like any other deck, except all cards have glitches in them. In other words, all cards have some sort of intentional design error which makes them seem glitchy. This might annoy some people, but is a great way of staying true to the regular design and having something novel.

The Goonies

If you’re a fan favorite of the eponymous movie, then you can have a card deck based on the movie. This is another great project funded through a Kickstarter campaign. Fans of the movie will take special delight in this card deck.

Dan and Dave’s Variety Box

Dan and Dave offer a variety box of 12 decks. 12 decks is a lot and in this case, it’s worthwhile. They are a cohesive unit and are tied to a mutual subject such as seasons or luxury. They are all hand-picked and very carefully handled. It is a great gift for any card game lover.

Unique Card Games

Card games can get boring if you keep playing the same one. If you want to spice things up, here are some unique games to consider.


This game is similar to a popular trading card game called Magic: The Gathering. It is unique in the fact that you can play it with a simple 52 card deck. Only a standard deck is required to play this unique and amazing game which only seems simple enough.

You need to get a score of 21 points using numbered cards. Things get tricky once you realize that some cards have the power to add or steal points from players, force others to reveal their cards or even give you the ability to draw more cards. The rules get more complex the more you dive into it. This is achievable with only a single, normal deck of cards.


This is an interesting game where you use numbered cards to build towers and bridges. Two cards of the same value cannot occupy the same level, otherwise, the pair is destroyed. If that happens, you can trigger a reaction which can destroy most of your object. Funnily enough, the goal of the game is to destroy the most cards, but the rules will take some time to get used to.

These games and card decks should get you through the weekend, but note that there are so many more to explore.

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