How Mobile Phones Changed the World Today

We, today, find it really difficult to think of a world where mobile phones do not exist. We are very much dependent on using them to communicate, not even by calling someone, but rather using instant messaging services via the internet. We do everything else online too. We order food, read articles, publish photos and even search for the best betting bonus code from various sports betting sites. That wasn’t even a thing before a certain time when we had mobile phones, yet, there was a time where mobile phones were very expensive, very heavy and had only a call function.

They had changed the way our society and world functions and here is how through the years.

The Dark Ages – Before the Mobile Phones

Before mobile phones were introduced, people had to use landlines to call other people. That meant either calling from home or from a payphone. It also meant that you usually had to go through the parents or grandparents to reach the teenager you wanted to call, your friend, most likely, or even girlfriend. These things made for awkward situations.

If your significant other does not show up for a date on time, you could either wait or walk around feeling lonely, not knowing whether they were just late or stood you up intentionally. Getting stuck on a freeway meant you had to hike to a payphone or wait for someone to notice you and drive to the next town and call a towing service. Everything was very complicated, up until 1973 when the first Motorola mobile phone was showcased and 1983 when the first commercially available phone was ready.

The Era of Smartphones

Phones took their time to develop, from beefy, 2 kilogram heavy machines with a talk time of 30 minutes and 10 hours of recharge time, to smartphones that can do anything from video rendering to capturing ultra HD videos.

The path to smartphones was a long one, but very beneficial for the consumers. The end users would just get a new phone almost every year, each having an improvement upon the previous. The first phones did not have a display so displays were a thing of the future once. Displays with color were also state of the art once.

Once the internet found its way to mobile phones, people started using it for various things, from communication to making purchases. Today, you can ask for help in various ways using your phone, whether by using an application, making a call or texting. There are plenty of ways to communicate.

That is not the only thing a phone can do. You can capture beautiful images and use the phone as a computer, while some phones’ batteries last up to 15 days.

Mobile phones changed our world, making our communication and many other things much easier. They are also a great source of distraction, but that is another story.

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