How Science and Technology Shaped Human History – From Past to Present

Science and technology usually go hand in hand and they have changed the way human history looks. Some inventions have been priceless and still remain used to this day. Some inventions helped in shaping certain parts of history while others remained relatively unnoticed. Science has also changed the way we look at the world. People turned to religion primarily to find their salvation in the early days of history while nowadays they turn to science.

A long time of human existence had passed before they figured out how to open up a review of Jackpot City on their smartphone in a second. Here are some notable discoveries throughout history that changed the way our present looks.


While it seems like something you don’t even think of as a great invention or something that actually exists in nature, fire has played a vital role in human history. Once humans learned to use fire to protect themselves and cook food, things changed, a lot.

Many people would have died prior to the discovery and usage of fire. Raw food is also not as healthy as people might think. Cooking is what helped humans survive through the ages. Fire also brought about many new things, but that’s a different topic.

The Wheel

This is a very simple invention and has powered our history from a long time ago. Imagine pushing anything heavy. Why, when you can put it on a cart and make things much easier. Imagine any sort of modern terrestrial vehicle without wheels, it would either be expensive or really inefficient.

Agricultural Progress

Basic tools like rock axes and bows and arrows helped people hunt and defend themselves but building tools to farm the land was even more important. From a hunter-gatherer community, many, if not all humans in the early history of humanity turned to farmers while hunting became a sport or leisure activity.

Farming is important as it allows for a relatively easy and reliable way to produce food for larger communities.


Medicine, modern medications, came after a long history of trial and error and various religious approaches to curing various diseases which were once considered a different thing (miasma, for example).

Medicine, however, is important and its influence can be felt to this day, as people’s lives are extended for decades, as well as the quality of life.


Research in astronomy got some people killed, namely Giordano Bruno, but other than that, it helped us find our way in the galaxy, literally. We found out our planet’s shape, eventually size and position in the universe. Likewise, we discovered that heaven might be a bit farther than the stratosphere.

Internal Combustion Engines

Some say that combustion engines are a plague of this world, polluting the environment, yet no industrial progress would be possible without them. They drive anything from cars to planes to power plants.


The discovery of alternating current and widespread availability through power plants still powers our homes and workplaces.

Science and technology are still changing the world, from modern medicine to cryptocurrencies and space expeditions and AI research. Who knows what exactly the future will bring but it will be on the backs of science and technology.

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