The Hobby of Collecting Things – The Things You can Collect

Being a collector of things is something people often consider a hobby for the rich. It is nowhere near that, as you can collect anything from pocket knives to airplanes. Being realistic, however, this hobby can make for a very interesting way of organizing your surroundings and going through the weekend.

Here are some amazing things you can collect which are not blatantly expensive.

Kitchen Tins

Remember all those vintage kitchen tins that you had as a child or your parents had once, long ago? Those are very nice and usually inexpensive things that you can collect in your spare time. Being quite colorful and metal, they can be used for both decoration purposes and storage. Some can actually be used in the kitchen without much of a hassle.

Record Album Covers

This is an interesting thing to collect. Having various vinyl album covers can make for an interesting collection, given that you can use them for anything from decoration to actually sitting with the record itself. You may even be lucky and find cheap and well-preserved ones at local garage sales or used record sales. The records may also be intact and sound great.


Why keyboards? Well, before the era of cheap membrane keyboards, mechanical keyboards used to be the norm and there were a plethora of mechanical keyboard switches. If you find actual old keyboards with interesting switches, you can savor the sweet melody that they produce, not to mention the different feeling upon actuation. Old keyboards can be pretty inexpensive unless they’re the coveted IBM model M.


Rocks seem plain but if you look hard enough, you will find one of a very interesting shape or color. Imagine running into a crystallized rock, that would make a hefty addition to your collection. They can also serve as quite the decorative pieces.

Decks of Cards

Imagine having a single deck of playing cards. That would become boring in a flash if you’re a regular player. If, however, you start collecting decks of cards, there’s no saying how many interesting ones you might find. They can also help you spice up your poker nights.


Making tea is a very normal part of many people’s daily life. Having a teapot is usually part of that process but collecting them is also great. Having different teapots can make your daily dose of tea much more memorable.

You can collect almost anything, from kitchenware to lamps, vintage TV sets, and puzzle games. The options are endless yet you should strive to find a thing that you really like, preferably an inexpensive one. Once you start collecting, the urge to get more can have you spending a lot.

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